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3 Things A Section 8 Tenant Should Never Know About Their Landlord



I use to believe that allowing A Section 8 Tenant to know more about me would be a good thing. However, through experience I quickly found out the opposite. Therefore I came up with 3 things that a Section 8 Landlord should never disclose to their Section 8 Tenants.

The Landlords Home Address

Never ever allow a Section 8 Tenant to know your home address. If something was to ever go wrong they may decide  to pop up at your house. Renting property is a business and should always be kept professional at all times. If a Tenant needs to mail you an item, have them mail it to your business address or choose a P O Box for deliveries. Also make sure that your home address is never on the Landlord/Tenant Lease

The Landlords Home Phone Number

If you desire to be contacted all through the night and give your Tenants access to your family members, then give your Tenants your home phone number. If they can’t get in contact with you they will surely get in contact with your spouse and your children through your home phone line.  To prevent this, allow your Tenants to contact you through a dedicated business telephone line or your Cell Phone.

The Landlords Personal Information

This include, the Landlords family other business and other property. Once the Section 8 Tenant know enough information about your personal life and things were to ever get ugly, theTenant may try to disturb your personal life.

I happen to own a 2 Section 8 Rental within two blocks from each other and neither Tenant knows about the other.

Keep your personal life separate and avoid these common pitfalls.

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