Talk To John

Talk to John

Great, you’ve purchase the book Section 8 Is Great, read it, and now you’re ready to get started gaining Section 8 Wealth. But wait a minute, you’re having a little problem getting started. Believe me I’ve been there and know exactly how you may feel. That why I’ve created TALK TO JOHN. I’ve created a special link on my website ( where you can schedule a one on one phone conversation with me the Author of Section 8 Is Great.
By now you’ve been able to tell that I’m a real life Real Estate Investor. Section 8 Rentals are the cornerstones of my wealth. I’ve been through so much and I here to tell you all about it and share with you what’s exactly needed to get wealthy.
I’ve had lots of people asking for mentorship, but sometimes I find myself too busy, because I’m actually chasing Real Estate Deals and my Staff and I are dealing with Section 8 Tenants daily.
With me as your mentor, I’ll save you money from the start. I will share with you my wealth of knowledge, listen to you and get you started immediately. I not aware of any other Section 8 Investor that out there in the trenches daily gaining experience and learning and applying new way to gain Section 8 Wealth. I’m not trying to sell you on anything other than myself. You’ve read my book and you know that I’m known for pointing out valuable details that only a person that actually in the Section 8 Investing game can explain.
If you’ve watched my Videos on YouTube (JohnRussellLive), you know I like to be straight to the point and motivate others. I will do the same for you. I’m very personable and if you’ve thought enough of me to pay me for a phone call, then I’m going to do my very best to make it worth your while.

  1. I charge $59 for a half hour and $99 for an hour. Minimum purchase is a half hour
  2. Once you have made the purchase, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule our conversation. Whether you are east coast, west coast, we’ll work it out and agree to an appointment time. Our appointment will be no later than five days after you have made the purchase.
  3. I will call you on time, every time!
  4. Just like your email address, I will not share your phone number with anyone, under any circumstances.

Let’s get started on the road to wealth.

$59 for Half an Hour

$100 per Hour

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