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John Russell


My name is John Russell and I learned the art of obtaining Section 8 Wealth through trial and error. Throughout my journey, I made lot of mistakes and learned from each one. I used my experiences to acquire the knowledge which I used to create and operate a successful real estate business. Believe me, it’s not hard to obtain Section 8 Wealth, but it does take dedication and common sense for which most Entrepreneurs possess. I consider it to be no different than anything else in life that you really desire to achieve. It requires hard work and dedication.

As a youth, I found out that I had an adventurous personality. I enjoyed exploring new places and I wasn’t scared of responsibility. I wanted to be successful but I didn’t know what was needed to become successful. This lack of know how happens to be the same problems with the youngest people in my type of community. I considered myself not to be different from anyone else my age in my community and we had no one to point us to the right direction.

As I became a adult I had a good job. It was good enough to pay my bills, allow me to  save some money and take a family vacation every year. However, I started to grow very impatient with my job. I started to believe that I was limiting myself and stifling my potential. I started worrying that if I ever got fired from this job, I wouldn’t be able to support my family. I became very scared and disappointed in the direction of my life. I knew that as long as I worked for someone and needed a job, I would always feel like this and I could never enjoy true freedom.

I shifted gears and picked up a commission job with a Real Estate Investment Company in Beverly Hills, California. This company trained me fast, I learned so much in so little time. In my first two weeks, I made the company $200,000 and they paid me a 3% commission of $6,000. I was headed on the right track. In fact I had received more money in these two weeks that I had ever received from any job at that time.  I immediately quit the job at the Real Estate Company and started on my own. I was able to make a great deal of money based on what they taught me in a two week period which helped me to start on my path of Real Estate Wealth.

During the learning process I developed other ways of creating wealth with Real Estate and in this book I will share the techniques of Section 8 wealth with you. I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation of the Section 8 program. It has been and continues to be a great tool for creating wealth for me and my family.


Your Blueprint to Section 8 Wealth.
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